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2004-06-04 - 9:47 a.m.

Hello? Yes, I'm still here amazingly enough. The home internet is still not hooked up and I'm training my replacement here at work so my internet time is severely limited--the horror!

At any rate, we are moved. Finally settling into our new house and living in something I own feels different I have to say. I'm obsessively cleaning, wanting to make sure everything is just right. I'm looking forward to painting and I've planted flowers. Who is this woman? How long will this last? Stay tuned for all the answers....

As far as work goes, 10 days to go and my replacement if great. She's been easy to work with and I'm sure she'll do a good job. Its kind of a reassurance to know that someone who will treat my clients with dignity is taking over.

In other news, the husband is working CONSTANTLY at the new job. But he likes it and I guess that's what matters. He seems happy with that part of his life for the first time in awhile and I'm so glad. I have my worries about him working to hard and stressing to much but I'm trying to keep the nagger in me at bay. So far so good. His current source of stress (as usual) is not so much from work as from his family. Today's culprits are the parents. His nutjob mother decided too have a heart to heart with him yesterday about her new boyfriend. This in and of itself is concerning since she's had 6 husbands and a string of live-ins, none too nice in her past. Anyway, this one is someone she was involved with in high school who says he's been trying to find her all these years and finally tracked her down. She is giddy with the romantic ideal of it all, and I suppose that would be nice except for the small fact that he is married, and still with his wife. He's feeding the husband's mom the age old tale that he will leave his wife for her as soon as he can and they will live happily ever after, she buys it. Give me a fucking break. None of this would bother me too much, to each his own I say, except that the drama of heartbreak seems inevitable and she's setting her youngest son up with the "here's your new daddy" hope again. He's 15, he's had a lot of new daddies. Been beaten by one, raped by one, neglected by all, and lived with us a couple of times too. It wouldn't kill her to put him first for awhile would it? She also unloaded on my sweet husband tales of having sex with a number of his junior high school friends when he was young. We're talking 12 year olds. She was 30 and having sex with 12 and 13 year old boys that my husband thought were his buddies. Sick, can you say child molester anyone???? He new some of this but more details then necessary were provided. Then came the tale of the time she was pregnant and the husband's father beat her so badly she miscarried (nice guy, huh?). So it was an emotional day for all...I hope she feels better having unloaded all her crap on someone else and spreading her misery. UGH!

I know I feel better for having vented here. Guess I'm spreading the wealth.

In other news, I'm fat. Feel fat, feel gross time to get on the ol diet band wagon before I explode. Or can't wear any of my clothes, and equally nasty thought.

Until later...

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