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I'm off!

2004-05-28 - 9:58 a.m.

Aaaah! I want to go back on vacation! I'm getting a little crazy with the big move being tommorrow and all. Mom arrives tonight and will have the pleasure of seeing the current disarray I call home, including the sludge that seems to be growing at lightning speed in the shower---eeeewww. At this point, I think it will be easier to clean it after the place is empty so let it grow...

Its been weird to get back to work. The murder case is still going on and now I have a police brutality thing brewing too. Some of our officers are such assholes, really, there is no need to treat my clients with such cruelty, they are the VICTIMS not the perps you fuckers! Aside from that, the only domestic violence shelter within 2 hours of us is closing their doors any day now--WTF? Apparently there were some misappropriated funds, well fine, fire someone but CLOSE THE SHELTER??? I don't understand and it will be a serious crisis for awhile...and in the meantime my replacement starts on Tuesday, what a mess she is walking into...

I hope to have some vacatin pics up in the next week or so, but not until we have internet at home again since they are all on the laptop. Just in case you were curious about Poland...

I am totally unprofessional today, jeans, a t-shirt I bought in Krakow and Birkenstocks, I don't give a fuck, I'm leaving soon, remember?

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