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I'm off!

2004-05-27 - 11:31 a.m.

So I'm back officially. Got home Monday night actually but since our internet is fucked again haven't been able to check in until I got back to work today. That's right, I took a few extra days, so what??? I'm quitting soon, remember? And it appears that I have been replaced in my absence, the new chic starts Tuesday, I'll stay with her until at least the 18th, I hope she's cool, I hope she's competent. I just want to get out of here. I have some concerns about our ability to relate given the innumerable christian activities and missions listed on her resume, but whatever. I'm leaving soon, remember? Let's hope she doesn't decide to use this federally funded position as a platform for the big JC, but then I don't suppose anyone in DC these days would mind that, eh?

But, I digress. Poland. Its a great country, I highly recommend you visit. The scenery is beautiful, the people are friendly, history abounds, and its not TOO terribly americanized. Nothing breeds contempt for the way our government handles things these days like travelling abroad. Highlights were Krakow, what an amazing city, and seeing my brother. Lowlights were visiting the concentration camps. Very odd experience to stand in rooms where millions of people were murdered. Even weirder that these places were constructed on beautiful pieces of land, if you didn't know what happened there, you could mistake Auschwitz for a college campus. Its surreal and so sick to think of the pride those bastards took in building it. And I'd been told that it smells there. It does. No explanation for it 60 years later, but it smells.

Back home now and I want to travel more, more, more!!!! I'll go anywhere, send me a ticket!

On the homefront, we are preparing for THE BIG MOVE this weekend. Slowly. Still have things to pack and clean. The house we're in is a mess, the house we are moving to hasn't been remodeled yet, guess we will get to that after we settle. The husband's new job (going well BTW) has kept him to busy to work on it. Mom will be here to help with the move too, it will be good to see her, too bad we will be slaving away all weekend instead of having fun.

Also if I haven't mentioned it before, H had her baby just a few hours before I left on my trip. A perfectly gorgeous baby girl. I can't wait to spoil her soon....

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