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Poland, etc.


I'm off!

2004-05-12 - 9:52 a.m.

The final preparations for my trip abroad are in the works, in just a few hours I'll be taking off! I'm trying to drag out the things I need to get done since I am so excited I don't want to have a lot of sitting around doing nothing time. I still have some ironing to do and will be having lunch with my grandparents too. My brother called from Poland yesterday and is sooo excited for us to get there.

Last night I dyed the hair! It looked like it might be purple (which really would have been OK with me) but went to the red it is meant to be, not bad.

H's baby is STILL not here despite an attempt to induce. I am really hoping she arrives before I leave today, just so I know everything is a-ok.

Its a boring entry here, I realize, so I'll sign off now, see you when I get back!

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